William Leonard Pickard is to be released from jail! After serving over 20 years in prison after the infamous Kansas Missile Silo LSD bust.

Leonard is the author of the much celebrated novel The Rose of Paracelsus: On Secrets and Sacraments. He was also one of the first people to raise the alarm of the Fentanyl epidemic, and in fact continued this work while in jail.

I would like to pay tribute to all those who have supported Leonard and is family through through these difficult times. In fact I’ve just got off the phone to Ben Sessa who wrote a wonderful letter, again one of many, in support of Leonard’s application for early (sic) release.

Leonard, now 74 years of age, was originally sentenced to two sentences of life imprisonment without the possibility of parole. However following changes in US law, pertaining to individuals incarcerated as a result of the War on Drugs, Leonard’s most recent application for release has been grated.

You can read the text of the legal judgement here .

You can catch up on the ongoing project to present The Rose of Paracelsus at The Psychedelic Salon and on Soundcloud.

Let’s hope that the United States legal system moves swiftly to release this non-violent prisoner from one of its most repressive and dangerous environments.

May Leonard, and indeed all the prisoners of the brutal and misguided war on drugs, be set free.

With gratitude to those who kept up the fight and blessings on Leonard and his family.


Julian Vayne

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