Psychedelic Prisoner Support Network 

“Redressing the balance for psychedelic prisoners.”

Our Aims

To inform people about the ongoing repression of people who use psychedelic substances, in particular the use of grossly disproportionate sentences and capital punishment against our community.

To promote psychedelic culture, values, and science, and educating the public about  why supporting these prisoners is important.

What We Do

To promote solidarity between psychedelic users, researchers, indigenous entheogenic communities, and other psychedelic advocates and people that are in prison as a result of their relationship with psychedelic substances.

To support activities intended to help existing psychedelic prisoners, to assist people facing prosecution for their use of psychedelic substances, and to facilitate campaigning by the global psychedelic community on specific cases and broader issues that concern us.

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“This is what freedom is really about. It’s not about not being in chains. It’s about not having your mind enslaved.”

Nick Sand