Talc or Talcum Powder is a mineral often used in cosmetics and most prevalently in baby powder.  The powder has been used for decades for a number of different things including on women’s private areas and sanitary pads to keep the area dry and cool.  Studies have now shown that there may be a direct link between prolonged use of Talc and cancer.  Talcum Powder manufacturer Johnson & Johnson continues to deny the possibility of a cancer link stating that only Talc containing asbestos has links to increased risk of cancer. 


Despite these claims, Johnson & Johnson has now settled multiple multi-million dollar lawsuits where women have died or been stricken with ovarian cancer as a result of prolonged use of the Baby Powder.  The company now faces nearly 1200 lawsuits regarding the baby powder.


Johnson & Johnson is currently facing a multitude of charges including negligence, breach of implied warranty, violating consumers’ legal remedies and violating the unfair competition law and business and professions code.  Despite the potential link to ovarian cancer, the drug company has still not issued a warning against using the powder near or on the genitals. 


The recent multi-million dollar lawsuits against Johnson & Johnson have turned many people’s heads.  Mothers for generations have powdered infants with baby powder to prevent diaper rash.  The powder is still a staple in most baby shower gift baskets. Women, to this day, use the powder to prevent chaffing or vaginal odor.  So, the fact that the powder could have a direct link to increased risk of ovarian cancer is shocking to most.  The fact that it could have a link and the drug manufacturer refuses to acknowledge the risk but instead pays millions in damages is perhaps even more shocking. 


It is now alleged that Johnson & Johnson may have known the safety issues associated with Talc and has continued to mislead the public.  While the studies continue regarding the risk associated with Talc and cancer, there is indisputable agreement amongst physicians to stop using the powder on infants.  Pediatricians now specifically warn parents to not use baby powder during diaper changes or to treat diaper rash as the powder can cause lung issues including congestion and other respiratory issues.


It is predicted that in the next few years Johnson & Johnson will have to pay out millions in settlements to families affected by Talc in their baby powder.  If you or a loved one has developed ovarian cancer or other symptoms as a result of prolonged talcum powder use, contact our offices today for a free case evaluation.


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